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"Handmade items made with love and pasion"

Why HANDMADE can not be cheap?...

Many people wonder why handmade items are sometimes more expensive than what we find in stores. Expensive or not, a handcrafted object remains something that has been worked on with the soul and effort.

Here are some of the reasons why handmade objects can not be cheap:

• A good craftsman is always attentive to the entire creative process. The quality of his product is reputation.

• A serial object will never have the detail of a manually created object.

• The time for finishing a single copy is at least twice as long as it would have been produced in series.

• Exclusivity. The uniqueness of the object is one of the reasons why the handmade is preferred. Most times, even the handmade creator can not make two absolutely identical objects.

• The artisan does not save himself from the quality of the product, the most important thing is finding the right master for the object he created.

• When the object is made to order, you can intervene with changes to get the desired result.

• Serial objects, taken from factories along with thousands of identical objects, have nothing to say compared to hand-made objects, each of which has a history to say; each carries the artisan's mood, his thoughts and emotions, as well as a part of his life.

When ordering a handmade product, no one will force you to take something that does not fit your wishes.

A manually created object always has a soul, a character and a story;

so... do you still think that a manually made object is expensive?

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